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Witness Statement Drafting

Our CPR compliant statement taking service provides a signed, thorough and DPA compliant witness statement. Most importantly, we deliver it on time.

All witness statements are returned no later than 24 hours following the appointment.

Our competitors are simply unable to match the level of detail, experience, turnaround time and competitive charging structure we offer for witness statement drafting.

Certified Translations

Drafted by Qualified Legal Professionals

Our in-house statement taking team are experienced legal professionals, each having previously handled a litigated caseload of claims. Our statement takers are fully versed with the case law and legislation applicable to the areas they specialise in. Our drafters have the competence to substantially address more challenging issues, including Fraud & Causation.

A range of statement Types

We draft both liability & quantum witness statements and are regularly instructed to draft Personal Injury statements addressing Road Traffic Accidents, including credit hire, Accidents at Work, Public Liability, Employer’s Liability, Defective Products and Clinical  negligence. Industrial Disease witness statements addressing noise induced hearing loss, Arm/hand Vibration Syndrome, Repetitive Strain Injury, lung related diseases and Dermatitis. In addition we draft holiday sickness.

We use various questioning techniques to extract the information pertinent to the case. Meticulous attention to detail is given throughout the process to ensure every aspect of the claim is addressed.

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Case merits & weaknesses

We provide two forms of feedback to our work providers. Our drafters will provide your handlers with a summary of the merits and weaknesses of each case. This beneficial aspect of our witness statement service assists handlers with making informed decisions when negotiating and enables handlers to reach settlement swiftly.

Performance Summaries

We are confident with the level of service we offer and give our work providers weekly or monthly performance summaries, detailing the turnaround times of each instruction.

Technologically seamless

Due to our investment in the innovative technology that we operate, supported by our team of staff we employ, our process is seamless. We offer file handlers live updates of the instruction progress and utilise an SMS facility for appointment reminders, which is imperative for maintaining the turnaround time of instructions.

Digital Signature Platform

Email correspondence is the quickest form of written communication but not all clients have the ability or time to print, sign, scan and return their witness evidence to us by email. We offer an online compliant digital signing portal. We upload the documents for signing and your client receives a link to their device, an access code is issued via SMS ensuring only your client can access their document. Clients are able to access our signing portal using a PC, Mac or touchscreen handheld mobile device such as IOS, Android and Windows Mobile in real time.

Digital Signature Platform Benefits

  • Compliant for use in litigation
  • Quick & easy to complete
  • Instant Response, improved turnaround, no need for client to print or scan
  • Custom settings, including individual access code

Provided we have client co-operation, we will meet the deadline you set.

A non-exhaustive list of the areas we cover

  • Noise induced hearing loss
  • Arm/hand Vibration Syndrome
  • Repetitive Strain Injury
  • Lung related diseases
  • Dermatitis

  • Road Traffic Accidents, including credit hire
  • Accidents at Work
  • Public Liability
  • Employer’s Liability
  • Defective Products

  • Holiday Sickness claims

Request a Sample
“Well you have exceeded my expectations. Honestly, it is a relief to find a firm where I can hand something over to you at short notice and be reassured that you can deal with it….much quicker than I could ever (and better statements than I could ever take). Well done!”
Joanne, Personal Injury Partner
“Wow, this is all very impressive”.
Mark, PI Partner
“Thank you for providing the free trial we are most impressed by your companies witness statements and look forward to instructing you on a regular basis”.
Dave, Head of Credit Hire
“I have passed your company details to our office in Leeds and suggested they make contact with you as I am very pleased with the improved CFA document collection service that you are providing”
Stuart, Head of Medical Negligence
“I have passed your company details to our office in Leeds and suggested they make contact with you as I am very pleased with the improved CFA document collection service that you are providing”
Jayne, Defendant Insurer Solicitor
“Please pass my appreciation to your enquiry agent who attended my home this morning. Nothing was too much trouble for him and he kindly offered to take the photographs and medical papers that my solicitor had requested saving me a trip to the post box, great service!”
Mrs Bradshaw, Manchester
“Thank you for providing the Locus report investigation for our client the report is of an excellent quality and very detailed”.
Zara, RTA Partner
“Brilliant a speedy service as ever!”
Ian, Partner
“That’s absolutely first class”
Mark, Partner
“Thank you for your patience with this client, I know first hand how difficult it has been to obtain contact, co-ordinate meetings and communicate. The flexibility of your statement taker and legal translator to meet my demanding client and court deadline is much appreciated. I am very happy that we can now close this file with a good settlement”
Michael, Legal Exec
“Thank you for your liability investigation report we are most happy with the detail and the quality of the investigation”.
Marcus, Claims Manager
“FYI – SDS have been brilliant on this P18 reply – very quick turnaround for the initial docs, then it was amended and signed/translated all in 1 day!”
Karl, Solicitor, Team manager

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