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Sworn, Certified and Notarisation – Official Translations

We offer a range of official translations including Certified, Notarised and Sworn in all languages to suit your  compliance requirements. A certificate of translation verifies the translated document for official use. Certified translations are accepted  by all UK  authorities, including courts, the Home Office and the UK Passport Office. We offer a responsive service for all languages.

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Sworn Translation or Affidavit

A Sworn translation is necessary for documents relied upon  in a court of law. Official documents intended to be used abroad will also require a sworn statement. An affidavit is a sworn statement in which the translator testifies that the translation is a true and accurate translation of the original document.

Notarised Translation

A notarial certificate is affixed to the translation

Legalised Apostille Stamp

Should your documents be required for use in another country for official matters, we can arrange for your certified translation to have an apostille stamp affixed to it as part of our range of official translation services.

Typical Documents Include

  • Legal Documents – Statements, Medical reports, Pleadings, Particulars of claim and other evidence.
  • Passports, Birth Certificates
  • Medical Documents
  • Patents

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