People tracing, No Trace, No Fee, 12hr, £30.00, find people

UK People Tracing – No Trace, No Fee.

Cost: £40.00 ex VAT

4hr turnaround, 7 days a week.

Find people in the UK – a debtor, former tenant, former employee, family member, policyholder, witness, Defendant or Claimant.

Trace a person now

It is a regular occurrence when a person has changed their telephone numbers or moved address but haven’t updated their contact details with our clients. Our “no trace, no fee” people tracing service can resolve this issue with the deployment of both desktop and field investigations.

Our tracing agents will locate a person and obtain an updated and verified contact phone number and address within 4hrs, 7 days a week.

All tracing investigations are DPA compliant.

To trace a person, simply complete the form below and submit.

Please note: we do not offer an international service, UK only.

  • Details of person to be traced

  • Find An Old Friend, Debtor, Former Tenant, Former Employee, Family Member, Policyholder, Witness, Defendant Or Claimant.
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    Refunds will be made within 24hrs of the 2nd negative trace
“Well you have exceeded my expectations. Honestly, it is a relief to find a firm where I can hand something over to you at short notice and be reassured that you can deal with it….much quicker than I could ever (and better statements than I could ever take). Well done!”
Joanne, Personal Injury Partner
“Wow, this is all very impressive”.
Mark, PI Partner
“Thank you for providing the free trial we are most impressed by your companies witness statements and look forward to instructing you on a regular basis”.
Dave, Head of Credit Hire
“I have passed your company details to our office in Leeds and suggested they make contact with you as I am very pleased with the improved CFA document collection service that you are providing”
Stuart, Head of Medical Negligence
“We appreciate that you have drawn our attention to this issue, on the file. We shall work towards closing this file. Thank you for identifying”.
Jayne, Defendant Insurer Solicitor
“Please pass my appreciation to your enquiry agent who attended my home this morning. Nothing was too much trouble for him and he kindly offered to take the photographs and medical papers that my solicitor had requested saving me a trip to the post box, great service!”
Mrs Bradshaw, Manchester
“Thank you for providing the Locus report investigation for our client the report is of an excellent quality and very detailed”.
Zara, RTA Partner
“Brilliant a speedy service as ever!”
Ian, Partner
“That’s absolutely first class”
Mark, Partner
“Thank you for your patience with this client, I know first hand how difficult it has been to obtain contact, co-ordinate meetings and communicate. The flexibility of your statement taker and legal translator to meet my demanding client and court deadline is much appreciated. I am very happy that we can now close this file with a good settlement”
Michael, Legal Exec
“Thank you for your liability investigation report we are most happy with the detail and the quality of the investigation”.
Marcus, Claims Manager
“FYI – SDS have been brilliant on this P18 reply – very quick turnaround for the initial docs, then it was amended and signed/translated all in 1 day!”
Karl, Solicitor, Team manager