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Legal Translation

Certified Legal Translators & Interpreters

We are a specialist legal translation and interpreting company with more than 1,500 accredited Linguists serving over 200 languages.

Our national team of interpreters and legal translators hold membership with professional linguistic institutions, they are qualified professional practitioners who each hold QCF Level 6 qualification, or higher, and have extensive legal translation experience ensuring the quality and accuracy of our translations. Our translators and interpreters are mother tongue and have undergone security clearances, to provide a secure and confidential service for your clients. Unlike general translation companies we only specialise in Legal translations and interpreting, our team of professional linguists are supported by our  in-house team of legal professionals to ensure compliance with Civil & Criminal Procedure Rules.

We are trusted Language service company to many leading law firms with a reputation for providing accurate translations, fast at competitive fees.

Our Legal Translators Are Frequently Instructed To Interpret And Translate

  • Legal Translations
  • Certified Translations
  • Medical Translations

  • Patent Translations
  • Telephone interpreting
  • Court interpreting

  • Face to Face Interpreting appointments
  • Sign Language Interpreting
  • Languages

Our translators are regularly instructed for court attendances, nationally and are therefore familiar with the court procedures. Our Translators & Interpreters are located throughout the country, minimising travel time and expenses, allowing us to offer the most competitive flat rate fee structure. Our legal interpreting & translation service can be used for any language as a standalone service or in conjunction with our other services.

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Court Interpreters

Our court translators are instructed to interpret for both civil and criminal court proceedings throughout the UK. Legal interpreting is essential when the Defendant, Claimant or witness’s first language is not English. Consecutive interpreting is employed during hearings which involves the speaker speaking for a short duration whilst the interpreter takes notes and then translates into the requested language.

Our court approved professional interpreters have considerable experience and are qualified to QCF Level 6 qualification, or higher. Our team are also court registered.

We are able to provide an interpreter for a quick 45 minute civil infant approval hearing in the County Court to a criminal hearing lasting weeks in the Crown Court.

CPR Compliant Legal Translations

Our legal translators are instructed by law firms nationally to translate and interpret a range of Legal documents. Our translators & interpreters are experienced, qualified and approved to conduct such assignments.

All translations are put through a rigorous independent check prior to client submission, to ensure the format & content of the original document is aa accurate and true reflection translated version.

Our Official Certified Translation Service team are frequently instructed to translate:

  • Pleadings
  • Medical Reports
  • Surveyors Reports
  • Patent Translations
  • Contracts
  • Marriage, birth and qualification certificates

Any evidence that your client is relying upon needs to be translated to your client’s first language such as Medical Reports, Surveys etc.

Any pleadings with a statement or truth such as POC’s also need to be read & (interpreted) to your client in their first language to ensure they understand the consequences of signing a false declaration.

Medical Translations

Our reliable medical translators are able to address complex medical terms and translate medical evidence in an accurate manner.

We are trusted by Medical Legal agencies and law firms for our certified Medical Legal Translations which we are able to turn around in a responsive manner. All our translators are qualified and have experience conducting medical translation and interpreting assignments.

Telephone Interpreting

Telephone interpreting is a faster and more flexible way to conduct a meeting . Our team will make all arrangements at a time to suit you and your client. We are able to accommodate evenings and weekend appointments also and short notice appointments. Your client can be located anywhere in the world all we need is your preferred time and date and we can dial you and your client into the call with our interpreter. All call cost are inclusive as we dial clients onto the conference call. Our telephone interpreters are able to provide all languages.

Face To Face Interpreting

We provide face to face interpreting for court, medical, prison visits and client appointments.

Our translators are instructed to interpret for both civil and criminal court proceedings throughout the UK. Legal interpreting is essential when the defendant, claimant or witness is not fluent in the local language. Consecutive interpreting is employed during hearings which involves the speaker speaking for a short duration whilst the interpreter takes notes and then translates into the requested language.

Sworn, Certified and Notarisation – Official Translations

We offer a range of official translations including Certified, Notarised and Sworn in all languages to suit your compliance requirements. A certificate of translation verifies the translated document for official use. Certified translations are accepted by all UK  authorities, including courts, the Home Office and the UK Passport Office. We offer a responsive service for all languages.

Sworn Translation or Affidavit

A Sworn translation is necessary for documents relied upon in a court of law. Official documents intended to be used abroad will also require a sworn statement. An affidavit is a sworn statement in which the translator testifies that the translation is a true and accurate translation of the original document.

Notarised Translation

A notarial certificate is affixed to the translation

Legalised Apostille Stamp

Should your documents be required for use in another country for official matters, we can arrange for your certified translation to have an apostille stamp affixed to it as part of our range of official translation services.

Responsive: A turnaround to meet your tight deadline

We understand that deadlines can not be missed, our offices are open from 8am to 8pm weekdays and 9am to 4pm at the weekend thus allows us to return accurate translations in a responsive manner often within 12 hours.

Why us?

  • Experienced in providing Legal translations & interpreting, we have many happy clients who can endorse our service
  • The most competitive flat fee per word
  • High quality accurate translations
  • Rigorous quality control
  • Experienced translators & interpreters
  • Extended opening hours
  • Turnaround to meet your deadline

Compliant: Translated documentation can be provided with

  • Certified with company certificate & seal
  • Notarisation by Notary Public
  • Affidavit or Sworn translation, service
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