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Document Collection service

Legal Document Collection service

Responsive Sign up & Document Collection

CICA & CFA Sign Up

A comprehensive Network

We employ over three hundred professional document collection agents nationwide, providing a truly comprehensive network. Unlike our competitors, we have document collection agents located in the remote areas of the United Kingdom. We have document agents available across England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Orkney Islands, Isle of Man, Shetland Islands, Outer Hebrides, and Channel Islands.

Additionally, unlike our competitors we do not just simply pass a clients contact details on to an agent, our administration team schedule the appointments and arrange the necessary paperwork on behalf of our agents, ensuring full control over the arrangements and paperwork in hand.

Book Document Collection

Our experienced sign up agents attend home appointments for the following forms of document collection:

  • CFA Sign up service (Conditional & Contingency Fee Agreements)
  • CICA sign up
  • Process serving
  • Collection of signed evidence.

We will happily complete an additional service instruction during the appointment such as a witness statement or Locus Report.

Our Sign Up Agents

Maintaining a professional, yet efficient client sign up service is critical in the early stages of handling a claim. All of our highly experienced document agents are issued with ID cards and are required to adhere to our company protocols when attending clients. Our sign up agents comply with an NDA and Company Procedures Agreement, which includes our SLA, Punctuality, Data Security, Dress Code, Professionalism and Communication, ensuring we deliver a high quality sign up service with exceptional conversion rates.



Perhaps your clients first language is not English, we are able to provide an agent to converse in your clients first language to ensure that the CFA is compliant. In addition we are also able to appoint sign language interpreters for clients who have hearing difficulties.

Our Process

  • Instructions are acknowledged within 30 minutes
  • First contact and introductions are made with the client within one hour
  • Appointment details are sent via email to our work providers
  • SMS reminders are sent to clients
  • An electronic version of the completed instruction is emailed the same day
  • Return of original documents by mail

Our Sign up and document collection service incudes:

  • LEI, POID & POR checks

A Reassuring Explanation

Receiving a large amount of paperwork can be daunting for many clients and can result in failing to secure the claim. Our experienced document collection agents eliminate the confusion and complications of the documents our CFA sign up service providing an introduction, reassurance and understanding, instilling client confidence in the service you are offering and securing your client quickly.

Efficiently Is How We Work

Our work providers can email instructions from their case management system and we take care from there. We can integrate your document templates into our system, in order to generate the required paperwork, avoiding your staff becoming busy generating, printing, scanning and emailing documents.

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“Brilliant – thank you again for the speedy turn around. Much appreciated.”
Ian, Partner
“Please pass my appreciation to your enquiry agent who attended my home this morning. Nothing was too much trouble for him and he kindly offered to take the photographs and medical papers that my solicitor had requested saving me a trip to the post box, great service!”
Mrs Bradshaw, Manchester
“I was convinced that there was a catch to a no win no fee and the gentleman that arrived explained how it works very well”.
Mr Robertson, Cardiff
“Spot on! Very efficient you called to see when was best for me, the document agent arrived on time and I have already received a mail from my solicitor to say they have all the paperwork to proceed”.
Miss Patterson, Kent
“As promised earlier during our conversation I am happy to provide a testimonial. Our last CFA sign up provider was not attending clients on time, and the agents where missing some appointments. The conversion rate has increased from 92% to 100%!! We have not had one fail and would like to share my appreciation with you and your team.”
Jessica, Business development Manager
“I have passed your company details to our office in Leeds and suggested they make contact with you as I am very pleased with the improved CFA Sign up service that you are providing”
Stuart, Head of Medical Negligence